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Release Blitz , Giveaway & Review - Acquiesce by Cory Cyr

Title: Acquiesce
Author: Cory Cyr
Genre: Adult, Erotic Romance
Release Date: December 30, 2014
****18+ due to adult language and explicit sexual content*****

Caspian Vance~former child prodigy, now an accomplished professor of human sexuality at twenty-six has it all—an IQ that's off the charts, a stellar career at which he excels, and the drop-dead looks and body that make women spontaneously combust with lust.

He's been studying sex and women's behavior since he was sixteen. When it comes to the science of human lust and the rewards of sexual pursuits, he has all the answers.

There's one thing he knows for sure: "love" has nothing to do with it. 

Sex is a basic, primal human need—love is an unstable, emotional complication. Both are present in a person, but completely unrelated. His own world of logic and fact accepts this truth and now. . .

He's going to prove it.

When Cass takes a sabbatical to research his theory in order to write his third book, he enlists the help of a former lover and now owner of the world's most exotic and secretive male brothel catering strictly to wealthy older women. On this remote Caribbean island, he uses his keen sense of observation and research to prove "love" is merely a series of chemical reactions in the human brain—nothing more.

Nicola Barrington~ had the perfect life, married to her soul mate.Ten years into her one and only relationship, her idyllic world is shattered by the death of her beloved husband. The loss of her "one true love" sends her into seclusion where she spends the next eleven years pining for the man she still loves.

The beautiful heiress, stays hidden away, her only connection to the outside world being being the hired help and her two close friends. Her friends know Nic has much to live for and are eager to see her find love again. . . and if not love, they would settle for her rediscovering the throes of lust.

As her 40th birthday approaches, her two friends succeed in coaxing her out of her emotionally safe haven to celebrate with a trip to an exclusive resort known for "restoring an older woman's brilliant, inner glow."

Caspian’s superiority and logic combined with Nic's innocence and melancholy are on an imminent collision course. Sometimes even a genius has a hard time figuring out a woman.


5 Toe Curling Electric Wand Stars

Well talk about opposites attack. Here in this book we have, Nic, a 40 year widower who has turned herself into a recluse for the past 11 years since her husband died.  And on the complete other side of the spectrum we meet Cass, a 26 year old intelligent sexy professor/writer.  Could these two be further from what the other finds attractive?

Nic is a firm believer that you one find love once in your life and that her died when her Husband did 11 hers ago.  Cass does not believe in love and is working on his book to prove that love and sex a two separate feeling / emotions that women confuse. 

Nic is tricked by her longtime girlfriends to take a tropical vacation for her 40th birthday. This is an attempt by her girlfriends to finally get Nic out of the house and to expose her to life. Cass is on the island doing "research" for his next book.

At first meeting there are no instant sparks but the more Cass learns about Nic, he finds himself drawn to find out more about her. His intention are not to seduce her, they are to learn and understand if his theories of women are true and what better person that Nic to use to prove his point!

The more that these two explore and test each other brings out feelings and desires neither of the two thought they had. Nic is opened to a whole new world by Cass and begins to second guess her ideas about love and life.  OMG did I mention that the things that Cass exposes Nic to are freaking hot! These chemistry and sexual connection these two have is nothing but combustable. 

As the three week in paradise begin to wing down, new feelings are tested, new emotions are out, and a secret could ruin everything that has drawn these two lovers out of there comfort zone.

I absolutely love this book. There is only one negative I found in the enitre book and that is the epilogue. It just seem too rushed. The epilogue actually left me with more unanswered question then the whole book did. But beside that I will recomment this panty wetting book to all my girlfriends!  Yes I promise you will not be able to read this book without having to change your pair!!!.

Award Winning Novel - Bite & Release
Hottest Cover 2014
Favorite HEA 2014~IABB
2nd Place Favorite Contemporary Romance 2014~Sweet N Sassy
Top 10 books of 2014~White Hot reads
Best Erotica 2014~BYOB

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