Sunday, February 15, 2015

New Release & Review - Fight for You by Charisse Spiers

To fight and win means the control is his and only his. The last man standing proves it all. Never again will he be on the losing end of the blow, the one lying broken and bloody wanting to die.

Control. Dominance. Aggression. Competition. Each represent a means to survival, a necessity to stay alive, and to suppress the demons that lie inside; the very ones clawing and attempting to break free from the bar that holds them at bay. Every day is a struggle to stay away from the darkness and evil that lurks deep within. Those are the things that it takes to keep those secrets in the realm of his mind in which they belong, forever buried so far there is no chance to break through the barrier he’s built.

Haddox Hayes has spent the last nine years getting by. He’s worked hard to forget that bloodthirsty night he left behind. The monster that exists within his veins will never be released again if he keeps a clear mind, and free from the debris he knows triggers his instinct to kill. He knows what can happen if it’s unlocked from its cage.

Then there’s Piper…the girl that could cause his control to evanesce. Will she be his downfall or his reparation? The entertainment is in the fight. Fight for love, fight for light, fight for her, or end in flight.

A girl with a ban against love, allowing men to bed her to numb her mind from the one that left her behind. Can the girl that won’t submit and the man that requires control find paradise in each other?

5 Life Changing Love Worthy Stars

Haddox Hayes is a man with a simple rule, mean what you say and say what you mean. He doesn't play games and he doesn't do relationships. He does not know how to love. He believes that he is so bad that nothing good can come from his life. 

Piper Morgan is a simple woman who does not feel that she fits into her family's preconceived notion of how she should act. Piper just wants someone to love her for who she is. She just wishes that she was good enough for one man to want to keep her.

The moment these to meet there is an instant attraction. Haddox wants to find out why this woman has such a pull on him.  Piper cannot understand what it is about this man that she cannot say no to.
Once these two decide to give into their attraction, a fierce sexual connection hit these two like no other.  They connect on every sexual level together, but what can endure from this. Can Haddox and Piper keep this relationship as only sex? Will feelings get crossed? Will this connection be enough to push Piper past her comfort zone and make her realize that what she need may not be the man she thought she once had. Did I tell you the sex was hot with these two! 

This has been the first book of Charisse that I have read. I have loved this book. This will not be the last of hers I ever read! I want to mead more of her books!!!!

The character development is this book is great. 
In the end will Piper be able to teach Haddox what love is and will Haddox be willing to try to give his heart to Piper. I promise this book will have you laughing, crying, cheering and yelling at and for the main characters. 

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