Friday, October 3, 2014

Review Over - Exposed by Julie Jaret


She’s all work.
Fifteen years ago, Natalie Simmons reinvented herself with a single goal: to earn her father’s respect. The frivolous, attention-seeking college girl is now a workaholic lawyer on partnership track.
That is, until Sam Danmore shows up.

He’s all play.
He’s gorgeous, famous, arrogant as ever, and can still drench her panties with a look and a grin -- a fact which only reinforces how much she hates him. And wants him.

When an obsessed fan forces Sam into hiding, Natalie has to help him or risk getting caught up in the media frenzy, herself. But her unwanted, yet deepening attraction to him threatens the new life she has built... because Sam has spent the last fifteen years living up to his reputation, and Natalie is still trying to live hers down.


4 Non Law Abiding Sexy Stars
Natalie has her life all planned out. She is working for her father's law firm. She know what she wants and she plans on getting it. She wants to become the next partner at her father's firm! Natalie is focused, she has basically given up on her social life and she does not have time for a man.
Sam is a famous handsome man whore actor.
These two couldn't any further opposite of each other if they tired.
 On one strange encounter, Sam lands himself naked in Natalie's car begging her for help.
When given an opportunity can this straight laced, well manicured, career oriented woman throw caution to the wind and make choices that go against everything she has been building for the past 10 years?

What is it about Sam? How does he draw out the most inner desires that Natalie has suppressed in order to achieve her goals. Can Sam get through and get Natalie to acknowledge her desires and embrace them with him as her guide.

What we find is a sexy fun titillating ride of self awareness and sexual satisfaction. Will Natalie be able to let her inhibitions go and accept what and who she is? Can Sam help her achieve this new awareness.

Julie Jaret has written a wonderful story about finding out what is really important to one self.
She challenges the characters to find within themselves what they truly desire and need to achieve their sexual and personal satisfaction.

I promise once you start this book it will hard to put it down.

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