Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Release - Beta by Jasinda Wilder

***Link to the Official Trailer: http://youtu.be/DYXQJjsUxPg

Dear reader,


If you’re reading this note, then I’m guessing you may have some questions: That's the end? Seriously?

Yes, seriously. I’ve spent an enormous amount of time battling with myself over the ending to this book. I know it leaves questions unanswered, especially since another book isn’t immediately forthcoming. I considered changing the ending, taking out the “Vitaly” chapter, softening the blow of the ending somehow. But if I did that, I would be very seriously compromising the integrity of the story. It wouldn’t fit; Vitaly is a powerful, vengeful, relentless enemy. He’s not the CIA or NSA, so he can’t just snap his fingers and know where they are, but he has the resources to find them, given enough time. The threat is hanging over Valentine’s and Kyrie’s heads. It has to. Vitaly can’t just let this go. He can’t, and he won’t, and Valentine knows it. But the threat is distant, for now. It’s in the future. For the present, they have each other.

And for Valentine, Kyrie is a reminder of his past. He needs her, in part, because she reminds him where he came from, what he left behind, the things he's done, the man he used to be. She reminds him to be the man he wants to be. And the threat of Vitaly? It keeps him sharp. Keeps him alert.

Every hero needs a villain.

The bald truth of the matter is this is just the way the book ends. It’s where the story took me and I can’t change it, or apologize for it. I know most of my books tend to have slightly tidier endings, but not every story can be tied up with a neat little bow. This story is different. These characters are different. Kyrie and Roth hold a very special place, for me, and I won’t compromise their story.

So, the other question I hear:  WILL there be a book three?

The truth? I’m not sure. I hope so. Honestly, I’d love to write book three, and maybe even beyond. I’d like to write more in this series, in this world with these characters. I’m hoping to, and tentatively planning to, but I can't make that promise until I've sorted it all out and have a book I think is worthy of these characters.


Thank you for always supporting my art, my writing and my stories. I always say I have the best readers, and I really do.

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