Friday, August 8, 2014

Review Undeniable Attraction




Cash is determined to fight his new found attraction to Clair. She’s a good girl, sweet, gentle and kind. Not qualities he’s usually interested in. But things have changed. She’s changed. And now that Clair is in danger he’s finding it harder to keep himself under control.

Clair is sick of being the sweet girl nobody notices. Its time to be the girl she always wanted to be. But in the process she’s caught the attention of someone else, someone dangerous, someone who now wants to hurt her.

Can Cash protect her from this new threat? And keep his hands off her, even though there’s no denying the attraction between them?


 Every woman loves a bad boy with a broken heart. Eliza introduces us to Cash as a broken tatted bad boy that fell in love with the wrong girl. Cash is used to getting whatever tail he wanted without any effort and he can not figure out why Sloan chose someone else.  Now all Cash can do is drown his sorrows in booze. What woman doesn't love a man admitting he just had his heart broken?


 Claire is Cash's office assistant and the one who is keeping everything running during his drunken pity party stage. Claire is always there to help Cash and pick up the pieces but she is growing sick and tired of rescuing him.  She is done taking care of Cash and harboring feelings for him . It is time that she tell Cash she is in love with him!



Clair has decided not to be the meek goody two shoes anymore as she peels away the layers of her persona. She has decided to be in his face from here on out until he finally sees her. 

Cash can not deny the attraction he has building for Claire and everyday she is making it harder and harder. The sexual tension between these two grows more each day. It does not help that there is a hidden threat that is growing that may keep them from ever being together!

Will Cash be able to declare his attraction for Clair before she is taken away for him for ever?


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