Monday, December 4, 2017

Cover Reveal - Zercy by Kora Knight

After the wicked, suspenseful ending of her first book, Kríe Captivity (The Nira Chronicles #1), Kora Knight returns with her thrilling new science fiction/erotica/fantasy, 

Zercy (The Nira Chronicles #2)

Finally learn all you’ve been dying to know about Zercy, the powerful and mysterious King of the Kríe. 

Sexy alpha, Alec Hamlin, captain of Astrum Industries’ science and exploration team, and his crew continue on their sexy, smoldering interplanetary adventure. It will leave you swooning, uncomfortably hot, and begging for more.

Warning: Contains explicitly scorching gay sex with exotic and shamelessly kinky males of otherworldly descent.

Releasing this Christmas!

Cover Art by LAS-T
Who can be found at :

Cover text design by Jay Aheer
Who is found at:

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