Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Release & Review - Dare to Dance by SB Alexander

Title: Dare to Dance

Series: Maxwell Series

Author: SB Alexander

Release: September 13, 2016

Hoping to sign with one of the biggest boxing promoters in the country, Kross Maxwell has to maintain a near perfect record. He can’t afford to lose any more bouts. But his head isn’t in the ring. Instead, he can’t seem to shake his past that’s been beating on his mind. To get back in the game, he goes in search of the girl he walked away from--the one girl who's always owned his heart. Twenty-year-old, Ruby Lewis, is angry and frustrated with the way her life turned out. She dreamed of becoming a ballerina, but instead of performing for the rich and famous, she’s swinging her fists at girls twice her size in filthy, underground fights. She’d give anything to sleep in a bed, rather than the cold dark streets of Boston. Begging for her next meal, she often thinks of the friends she once had, the nice home she lived in, and the only boy to ever steal her heart. But Kross Maxwell wouldn’t want her now--not with dirty fingernails, ragged clothes and oily hair. But when she runs into him, the concrete wall she’s erected around herself threatens to crumble, and she can’t let that happen--if she wants to survive and get back the only thing that's ever mattered to her. Dare to Dance can be read as a stand-alone. The book is intended for audiences 18+

5 Heart Dancing Knockout Stars

Dare to Dance is the 4th book in the Maxwell Series. This is the third brother, Kross' story.
Susan Alexander is the amazing author in this series. Which each new book I am amazed as how she is able find a new story in each brother.
This Book which is about Kross is not another retelling of Kelton's or Kade's story, no this is a whole new brother with a whole new vision and world of his own.

Kross is like his brothers in the fact that he is such a strong believer of family. He was the main care giver of his mom's before she was sent away. He has emotions that have had to be pushed a side for the love of his family. 

During a year away at a school he and his brothers were sent to Kross meets Ruby. Ruby is an aspiring ballerina who capture Kross' attention. The pair begin dating and of course as soon a things get heavier, Kross leaves school to go back home.

Now Fast forward 4 years and everyone's life is running fast and furious. As paths are formed they are also collided. What began as an innocent teenage love is thrown to the forefront again. 

What I Loved and yes I said Loved about this book is that Kross is portrayed as such a bad ass fighter but what the reader gets to see is also a bad ass family man and lover. 

Ruby a woman who loves her family, fights by whatever she thinks is right for them. She never thought life would throw her the cards she ha,s but one way or another Ruby will crawl back to the woman she can be.

As in all stories unforeseen truths are exposed yet there were really never any secrets kept on purpose. But when the truth comes back ,the focus will change a brother and his priorities, making him more of a man than you can ever image.

Yes I will admit at times some of the decisions that Ruby made, made me upset but she learns and grows so much as a character in this book. She finally is allowed to grow into the adult we new she could be if life had not turned her world upside down. 

SB Alexander has written a beautiful story about fighting for what you love and what you know is right while protecting as best you can the ones you love. You will laugh and cry while reading this love story but in the end I promise you will be glad you took the time to read Kross and Ruby's story!

S.B. Alexander writes sexy, new adult and college, sports, paranormal and military romance. Her Maxwell Series claimed the #1 bestseller's spot on Amazon UK's sport's fiction category. She's a former navy veteran, loves baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox, white powdered donuts, and handbags. Her husband calls her the bag lady. She enjoys playing golf, is moved by music and great stories, and will go out of her way to help people. 

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