Saturday, September 20, 2014

Review - The Spice of Life by Jake Furie Lapin

TheSpiceofLifeCover aaf08-addtogoodreads Synopsis
The Spice of Life (or TSOL, to fans) follows Jake Furie Lapin, a 37-year-old sexaholic and loving Dom. As the first book in a three-part series, TSOL explores Jake’s transformation from a submissive, out-of-shape man, stuck in a sexless marriage, to a strong, successful, fit, loving Dom. This first book follows Jake as he describes his many sexual adventures, in great detail, to Kelli, his sex therapist. Kelli Lemberg is a successful sex therapist who has an office-based practice in Manhattan. Like Jake, Kelli finds herself trapped in a marriage that is lacking heat and passion. Through her sex therapy sessions with Jake, Kelli begins to undergo an amazing transformation of her own, as she uncovers and explores the depths of her own inner sexuality and sensual fire.

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Jake Furie Lapin is a writer, entrepreneur, wine drinker and coffee addict based in New Jersey. Jake's writings aim to explore sexuality and sensuality, including the BDSM lifestyle, through the beauty of the written word. He is currently working on his first novel, The Spice of Life, which chronicles the many adventures of Jake Furie Lapin, a loving Dom, as well as Kelli Lemberg, his sex therapist. Jake encourages all of his readers and fans to explore this website and check out his blog @ Let him know your thoughts through your comments and feedback.
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4 Life Transformational Stars
My Review
As a child both male or female we are told that one day we will find the loves of our lives get married and live happily ever after. You notice that the story ends there? No one ever tells you how the rest of the story is suppose to go.
The main character, Jake, has been in a 10 year marriage that has left him sexually unsatisfied. This part of the fairytale is never discussed or talked about to us when we are growing up as a children. Jake has tried to work on his marriage and just realized that he will forever be miserable if he doesn't make changes. Is it wrong to finally decide that you want more in life and desire more than what you currently have or don't have? Are you strong enough to follow through with those actions to make you happy?
Jake reaches in and finds his inner strength and transforms himself  psychically, mentally and sexually. You get to hear the transformation as he tells the stories to his sex therapist, Kelli.  Kelli is also in a unsatisfied mental and sexual marriage.
The escapades that Jakes describes excites and titillates both Kelli and the reader. Jake's strength and alpha tendencies are a sexual attraction that women can not look away from, additionally he is hung per the ladies in his stories. Jake also begins to explain how he entered the world of BDSM.
But what is the reason for Jake to spilling all his sexual history to Kelli. Does he know that she is so excited and turned on by his stories. Is he enjoying exciting her sexually. What is Jake's plan for Kelli? He definitely has a motive for all this.
Oh some of his stories will have you clenching your thighs. 
This is a must read. If ever you wanted to read how to spice up your sex life or how some are drawn into BDSM, then this book is one you definitely need to read.